plantar warts

Plantar Warts: Causes, Symptoms, and Cure

Plantar Warts, just like other warts, appear when you are infected with the HPV virus. The warts that appear on the hands are called Palmer warts and those on the feet are plantar warts. These warts are like thicker growth on the skin of the foot. Warts are harmless and only cause embarrassment due to their appearance. When they cause pain or increase in their size, you can get medical treatment.

Causes And Symptoms Of Plantar Warts

Warts can grow on any part of the body that is infected with HPV. People who use public showers and toiletries are easily affected with this virus causing warts. A weak immune system as well as a skin trauma that lasts for a longer period of time can cause warts. The period between a wart turning into a precancerous skin lesion can vary between weeks to months. Plantar warts are usually not harmful. They disappear on their own, but in some cases a painful treatment is required to do away with the wart.

Size Of The Plantar Warts

Planar warts are generally smaller in size. They can also grow into clusters and form a larger size. Warts can be transmitted from one person to the other person. For instance, if the same surface is touched by a person with warts, it could be transferred to another person who has touched the same surface. This is called indirect transfer of warts. Areas of foot where pressure is felt could be easily infected with plantar warts.

Treatment Of Plantar Warts

You don’t need a dermatologist to treat plantar warts unless and until the condition is severe. When the pain, swelling, or redness around the warts is severe, it requires immediate medical attention. If the warts are appearing frequently, look into skin lesions. Only a doctor can tell from a biopsy if it is a wart or a cancerous lesion like melanoma. The wart is either frozen or burnt by the physician in order to remove them. Only by observation a doctor can tell if it is a corn or a wart. No special examination is conducted unless and until it shows other symptoms.

Home Remedies For Plantar Warts

When you place moleskin on the wart, it could provide temporary relief from pain. This is available at most of the drug stores. The thick tissue formed on the skin is usually painless. It can be removed after you soak that area in water for 20 minutes. Diabetic patients or individuals with skin ailments must avoid using these remedies.

Salicylic acid also removes the excess keratin on the surface of the skin. Soak the affected area in warm water and apply salicylic acid. Then use a brush or a washcloth and remove the rough tissue on the surface of the skin. You can also cover the wart with silver duct tape for a few days for it to disappear.

Wartrol is another very effective Wart remover product. You can buy it online and get results in just 14-20 days.

Always keep your hands and feet clean and dry to avoid getting infected by warts.  You can cover your feet with shoes or any footwear when working in virus prone areas. Never pick a wart, as this virus may spread to the other parts of the skin. Wash the surrounding areas of the warts carefully so that it does not spread to other areas through touch.