Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wart Removal At Home

wart removal at home

Wart removal at home can be easy but for those who are not experienced, it can turn out to be very complicated. Warts which are small, rough and solid blister like outgrowths are very common in both young and old. The main reason for wart might be a viral infection caused by HPV or Human […]

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Everything About Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment, where the skinĀ is treated with cold temperature. It is used for treating issues related to skin, like warts. Liquid nitrogen is used to treat warts in this therapy. It only takes less than sixty seconds to perform this treatment. This treatment is given in healthcare centers. A Treatment For Skin […]

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Flat Warts: Causes And Treatment

flat warts

Flat Warts can affect anyone of any age or gender. All it takes to get warts is to be infected with the HPV virus. This virus is contagious and can easily get into your body through the tiniest crack in the skin. Once inside, it will affect the rate at which the skin cells reproduce […]

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Periungual Warts: Prevention And Treatment

Periungual warts

The Periungual warts are usually formed around fingernails and toe nails. They look aggressive and spread easily. They do not look pleasing at all, especially, since they are growing on the visible parts of the body that we use for eating and doing other works. This is the kind of wart that needs immediate attention […]

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Genital Warts and How to Treat Them?

genital warts

The only way to diagnose and treat genital warts is through an examination or biopsy. A tissue from the genital area is tested and looked into for any infection. The doctors will test the area to check if it is a wart or a lesion. A Pap test is also taken to examine this area. […]

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