3 Myths About Warts That You Shouldn’t Believe

In this article, we are discussing some myths which many people consider to be true. If you want to know about warts, then its imperative that you steer clear of these myths and know the science behind it. Lets dive into 3 myths about Warts which are impossible to believe!

Toads Cause Warts

This is totally lame to believe, why? Because Warts are a product of the HPV virus and toads, rather amphibians aren’t able to transmit or carry the virus within their tissues. It’s true that the secretions from toad’s skins can cause irritations on your skin and eyes but never can they infect you with warts. Of course the new generation of kids we have today are tempted to associate nature with some of these maladies, probably because they aren’t exposed to nature. But we the older generation can be able to prove some of these things since we used to play outdoors. I myself can attest to the fact that toads don’t cause warts since I played with them all my young life. Warts are caused by HPV and can be easily cured with Wartrol.

Warts Are The Early Signs Of Cancer

This myth has caused a lot of people to panic after noticing that they have warts on their skin.  The fear is that, cancer is on its way and very soon they might be diagnosed with the disease. Well this is just a myth and the relationship between warts and cancer is just a vague one. What I would say personally, is that the graveness of the wart depends on the part that the growth is developing. If you notice warts on your fingers and foot soles, this is probably nothing more than a normal periungual or plantar warts infection. However, if you find warts growing around your mouth and also in your genitals, now that is a serious situation.

Although warts don’t directly cause cancer, the tumours tend to predispose one to cancer especially in the areas with soft tissues like the labia or the tip of the penis. Warts are not early signs of cancer but if not treated early enough they may catalyse the development and spread of cancerous infections. The HPV virus strain that causes genital and oral warts has been diagnosed in many patients who have cervical cancer meaning that there may be a relationship between warts in some bogy areas and cancer. But of course you don’t expect mosaic warts on your foot sole to cause cervical cancer, that’s lame too.

Warts Don’t Regenerate After The First Treatment

Most people also get this point wrong, warts are a viral infection and once they develop on your skin, then it means that the Human Papilloma virus is already in your bloodstream. If you are able to eliminate the wart on the skin either through surgery or cryotherapy, the journey doesn’t end there. You have to get medication to help supress the papilloma virus in your blood stream. Failure to this, the HPV virus will find another suitable region of your body and trigger the growth of yet another wart. Nonetheless, there are certain drugs and vaccines that you can be injected with, to help supress the HPV virus. HPV vaccines as well as suppressants are available in most reputable hospitals and work best when you get them at the age of 26 or younger. So if you’ve ever been infected with a wart and it healed on its own, don’t get satisfied as it may grow again. You should therefore seek for a HPV test and vaccine to be on the safer side.